On 18 November 2021, the first edition of the Practical Guide to proceedings before the International Commercial Chambers of the Paris Commercial Court (CCIP-TC) and the Paris Court of Appeal (CCIP-CA) was published.

These chambers were established in 2018 "to adapt the French judicial system to contemporary international economic and legal issues" and have become increasingly popular.

With the objective of always contributing to the strengthening of the attractiveness of the International Commercial Chambers and, more generally, of Paris as forum for international commercial dispute resolutions, the guide, available in both French and English, is a practical and innovative tool for practitioners which gathers in a single document the relevant provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure and the chambers' procedural protocols but also, and more importantly, clarifies the expectations of the said chambers, via, in particular, the publication of models, for a faster and more qualitative handling of international commercial disputes.

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