Commitment and ethics are at the heart of the firm's dna.

The cement of our association lies in the shared will to practice law in harmony with our convictions and in the perpetuation of common values in all aspects of our firm's activity.

In practical terms :

We have created the Medici Equality Endowment Fund, the purpose of which, both in France and abroad, is to support, promote and carry out any action of general interest in the field of :

  • The promotion of equality between women and men,
  • The fight against all forms of violence and discrimination against women,
  • The fight against all forms of discrimination prohibited by law.

In addition to endowments and donations, we donate 10% of the fees we receive from clients who express a wish to do so to the fund.

Led by a board of directors composed of personalities from various sectors, the endowment fund can use, notably, the following means to achieve its purpose:

  • the selection of projects carried out by non-profit organizations, pursuing and supporting, particularly financially, goals that are compatible with the endowment fund ; 
  • donations to eligible non-profit organizations that pursue goals that compatible with this endowment fund ;
  • the acquisition or lease of real estate with a view to making it available to non-profit organizations that carry out actions that are compatible with the purpose of this endowment fund ;
  • the creation of an website and communication activities;
  • informing donors of the actions undertaken ;
  • any other means, duly validated by the Board of Directors, that would enable the fund to achieve its purpose.


EMAIL: CONTACT@MEDICI.LAW TEL: +33 1 81 70 82 50 ― FAX: +33 1 81 70 82 61